Nomfusi live in Concert!

Full Show: Nomfusi live from one of the biggest World Music Festivals in Germany: Bardentreffen 2022 

The power vocalist is back!

Nomfusi is ready for the upcoming season with an exciting new program and a remarkable album that reflects her musical roots in reviving the spirit and soul of Township sounds.

"Nomfusi can go to this place where music becomes much more than what we hear. She can touch your soul by letting down her own guards and just sings from the heart...pure gold."

Musician, L. Pamminger, 2021

“Her fusion of authentic township music, soul, gospel and a brilliant Afropop is overwhelming. Nomfusi hit the jackpot with "The Red Stoep", a singer with immense qualities.” .

Concerto (AT,) 5 2021

“The Red Stoep places nomfusi’s voice at its heart. Its evocative power allows her to traverse social issues as effortlessly as matters of the heart and spirit an draws us together in this time of great need.” 

Songlines, November 2021

“Nomfusi invites us all to join her in her observations of life and to share her devotion to her lineage (Xhosa clicks) and her belief in the possibilities of merging roots sounds - irresistible maskandi guitars, keyboard grooves and township rhythms - with the effervescence of mainstream pop, as well as soul and jazz.”

Songlines, November 2021

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